Vacuum Break Valves

Vacuum Break ValvesEZI-VAC Air Release/Vacuum Break Valves

We design our vacuum break valves for many applications, particularly slurry and dirty water.

The large port design prevents clogging while the HI-WEAR seat and float design offers a large sealing area.

Further, Ezi-Vac Vacuum Break Valves have an Anti-Surge Float option, to limit discharge rates to 3.5kPa differential and the addition of an integral secondary orifice, to vent accumulated air while under pressure, is available on request. However, the secondary orifice suits water only applications).

The common application of Ezi-Vac Vacuum Break Valves are: slurry pipe lines, mine dewatering, sewage, high pressure pipe lines, as well as pipelines with scale.

Ezi-Vac Vacuum Break Valves feature simple construction, allowing easy on site maintenance. We manufacture the primary (and secondary float, if used) from non-corrosive HDPE. Further, the primary float available in HDPE or Urethane with SG of float to suit application.

Our Vacuum Break Valves are available in carbon steel as standard, stainless steel or Duplex stainless steel as option. They can withstand a work pressure of 20, 50 and 100 bar. Ezi-Vac break valves can be coated in Fusion Bonded Epoxy Resin or 2 part epoxy for high corrosion application.

Further options for the Ezi-Vac break valve include internal lining in Rubber, EPDM or Urethane on request and optional drain/flush point in body. A HI-WEAR primary seal allows drip-tight sealing under all conditions. Valves are standard full bore design, however we do craft reduced bore as requested. Our Vacuum Break Valves designs prevent lifting of primary float while acting as a vacuum breaker

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